Friday, February 03, 2006

Totems & Airheads
For my Kid's Art Class yesterday we did these cool totems. I had the kids print their names on large sheets of black const. paper. The letters had to touch the fold, each other and be big and thick. They cut them out & pasted them to a background paper, then 'brought out' the figures & shapes they saw there. Then they glued them into a cylinder and they could add 3-D shapes if they wanted. I think this would be a great project for older kids (8 & up). My 5 yr-olds needed a lot of help. I like the idea of using the family name for a totem - you could have a lot of fun with that.
The second project was based on Milton Glaser's album cover for Bob Dylan - a silhouette of Dylan's head with technicolour swirls & flowers coming out of it. I told the kids to think about what's in their heads - what they think about and showed them a pretty good example of what I was expecting from them. The results, unfortunately were less than brilliant, but kind of funny too. One kid glued 3 - 1" green squares over his silhouette. Another had a tiny white fish floating (in the vast space), but the 'best' one had nothing. I hope they're having me on. They seem like pretty normal kids - I'd hate to think nothing's going in their heads!


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