Friday, February 24, 2006

AGO Portrait Show
The AGO had a call for entries for what they hope will be the biggest portrait show ever. Who could resist when the requirements are a postcard size (4"x6") self-portrait in whatever medium you choose. Mine was done at an 'art playgroup' that a friend holds semi-monthly for a diverse group of women. It's interesting because I feel free to explore different mediums with this group - only one of whom has had art training besides myself. Looking forward to catching the show when it opens (July 1, 2006).
We have not had Internet access for a week. The power went out last Thursday and blew out our modem when it turned back on. Then Friday the big pine tree in our front yard blew down across the hydro lines and gave our neighbours a couple of hours of entertainment watching the Hydro guys take care of it. We suffered internet withdrawal - you don't realize how much of your life and thoughts are taken up with it. By the Monday my 20 yr-old son was joining us in the livingroom for TV & chats (been a LONG time since he's done that!). His social discourse takes place almost entirely on MSN & during on-line gaming through-out the week when his friends are working/at school, etc. Guess he was feeling lonely!
So obviously we have it back, though not without a lot of phone-calls that tested our powers of endurance. The phone company hasn't changed since Lily Tomlin declared 'we are omnipotent'!
On Wednesday I was privileged to hear Stephen Lewis speak about AIDS and war in Africa. It was an awesome experience and Mr. Lewis has my full regard. He has witnessed some terrible sights in his travels thru Africa (but not more so than the people who are experiencing these things). He had many thought-provoking ideas about gender-equality and what Africa needs in the way of help. I wish I had taken A. from school to listen to him. It was so good to hear a real 'speaker' - and he had something to say. A rare experience.


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