Saturday, February 25, 2006

Every other Friday I do my Lakeshore Walk. We've been living in Port Credit since 1985, and our lives have been furnished by all the second-hand stores which seem to flourish where regular retail shops fail to. One of my favourite stores, Rococo, will be closing its doors soon. Many unusual Christmas & birthday presents have been found there over the years. Rococo specializes in ephemera - costume jewelry and odds and ends and will be sadly missed as will Miriam who is an artist in transition.
A new favourite opened a couple of years ago - Nostalgia Books - a second-hand bookstore with lively and engaging owners, Sylvia and David. This is a sketch I did for Sylvia apropos of 'some' form of product promoting the East Village. That they are enthusiastic about the Port Credit community is an understatement. This year we will be privileged to showcase Paul's work in their store for the Lakeshore ArtWalk in May. More about that when the time comes.


Blogger Madd Sketch said...

Hi this is Aaron ^_^ i luv the drawing its very sweet. I used to live by lakeshore years ago, but i was east side of hurontario. I miss port credit it has that calm nice quality that i love.

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