Friday, March 24, 2006

Quilt Show
The much-looked-forward-to Neilson Park Quilt show has finally arrived. Two years feels like a long time to wait for such an excellent show. Well worth the five bucks entrance fee. I took my Mom for opening time on Friday & we just squeaked into a parking space. By the time we left, the blue-hairs were hiking in from the side streets. Some city-planner was out to lunch the day they designed the NPCC parking lot...however, 'nuff said.
There were several beautiful large quilts that I would have liked to take home. I wish such a large dose of inspiration was enough to make me sit down and make my own heirloom quilt. One design that I haven't seen before (used in a couple of pieces) caught my eye - the 'stormy sea' pattern - it gives an illusion of wavy lines with the use of different proportions of triangles & squares. One lady used it to great effect in a large blue & green king-sized quilt. I want it!
Needless to say all the galleries were packed & I was finding it hard to breathe. One drawback of displaying so many quilts in such a small space is that it's hard to step back far enough to really take in the full effect.
My congratulations to the tireless and talented ladies who are responsible for the making and the displaying of the 2006 Quilts. Great job!
In other areas of my life - I've been hunched over my table in panic mode - trying to come up with the Next Big Thing for the Simply Friends Craft Show - coming up soon (too soon!) - April 7&8, 2006. We've had to move to Monora Park, north of Orangeville. It's a long way to drive for not very much profit. I think I'm at a point where I have to decide how much this group means to me. I'll give it a couple of shows & then reassess my commitment. Having said that, I'm having fun with my paper pop-ups. I'm going to try my dragon (featured in a previous entry) in a shadow box (keeping China's economy alive & kicking - Buy Dollarama!). My prototype looks pretty cool but needs finessing.
Really though - I wonder why I bother. Dollarama sells not-too-unfortunate cards for a buck, plus all their other craft items and it's just disheartening to think I can compete. I'm surprised I make any money at all. With the Global Market in full swing I think Craft shows as we know them are a dying venue. I hope time proves me wrong.


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