Wednesday, March 29, 2006

V is For Vital
Having been smitten by the movie trailer, A. borrowed my husband's aged copy of V For Vendetta - a yellowing hardcover of Alan Moore's & David Lloyd's totalitarian nightmare. She's getting a taste for edgy literature (gone thru the Neil Gaimon canon and now she's onto the Watchmen). She enthused so greatly, I decided to read it too as a preparation for the movie. We promised, as a reward for getting out of school early today, we would go to a matinee to see it...I have to admit, since my son gave it a big thumbs up, I've been as eager as A. to check it out.
Cavillers may protest, but I think the movie & the book compliment each other. In his intro. Alan Moore even asks for forgiveness for the mistakes of his youth - so any 'liberties' the director took with the story arguably made the movie stronger.
Hugo Weaving's marvelous enunciation was spellbinding even through the grinning mask and finally we saw why Natalie Portman has received so much acclaim for her acting over the years (we could never figure what the buzz was about having only seen her in the Star Wars movies where she plays a clothes hanger). The whole cast was great - John Hurt (looking more & more dissipated as the years go by), Stephen Fry, Stephen Rea - all brilliant! Beautifully done - with a lot of the imagery taken directly from David Lloyd's drawings. Read the book AND see the movie - it's the only way!


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