Monday, May 22, 2006

Sherway Garden Art Auction
Finally it is done! Here is a sneak preview. Our chairs were delivered at the end of April and the deadline is June 1. The display will be set up by June 4, 2006 when bidding starts. This is our third year for participating in the Muskoka Chair Auction at Sherway Gardens to raise funds for Neilson Park Creative Centre. They take a helluva long time to paint, with all the slats you have to get between and all the different angles a 3-D chair has. Everytime you turn it around, you see a spot you missed. Not to mention flying paint blobs, smears & mistaking your teacup for the paint water. Blech.
This year's offerings feature a 'celebrity chair' by Jennifer Valentine of BT (Breakfast Television). Can't compete with that, though it might up the ante (and quality) of the painting. I like doing it, but that's all I do for a month and now the studio is a disaster area (again), but when is it not?
Mother's day was last weekend & A. bought me a 'Niomi' clematis which is begging to get planted. The weather is very cold today and I finally turned the heat on because I'm sitting here freezing my buns off. Gardening is not foremost on my mind...keeping warm is.
This Friday is the opening reception for P.'s first solo show of his Portrait Painting. I said before it will be held at Nostalgia Books, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.. We've invited everyone I can think of, now I have to buy the wine and beer. I hope the place is packed to busting because the bookstore is at the neglected end of the Port Credit stretch and usually all the 'real' action is at the hub of Hurontario & Lakeshore. So it would be good to raise a few blisters down the other way & perhaps draw some attention. We had to laugh when we got our handful of flyers & letter about the Lakeshore Artwalk - they will be sending invitations to the "more affluent neighbourhoods...". Well - we live in a hovel, so I guess that negates the need for art in our lives. Unfortunately 'they' forgot to tell us...we even BUY art occasionally. How about that? Poor AND has a taste for finer things. Some people just don't know when to give up!


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