Friday, April 28, 2006

That Time of Year...
Yep - Comicon - that gathering of the unwashed (and I mean seriously unwashed) to which my husband makes his pilgrimage every year to breathe in the ambiance (very potent) and to join in mass homage to the great God of Comics...and this year A. & me are going too. My sweetie worked hard & late into several evenings to snag us 'complimentary' passes this year and THIS year is special because they're having a special symposium of women cartoonists, including Sandra Bell Lundy and Rina Piccolo, among others. So A. & me decided it would be good to go and give our support to these very talented gals, although A. says, if anyone in costume comes anywhere near her, she's gettin' the hell out of she will be a trepidant visitor.
P. has a table too, at least part of one in 'Artist's Alley', so I hope lots of people drop by & peruse his 'Offerings', a most excellent collection of his many and varied drawing & painting pursuits. We are looking forward to our day out. But now we are having our girl's night in & watching 'Walk the Line'. Yeah Joaquin!
Gotta go make popcorn...


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