Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Drawing Classes
My Teen Cartooning Classes started last week. It's sooo nice to be teaching this age group again. They're so much into what they're doing, they really, really want to learn and they GET the language that we're using. Such a great group, I feel like being an instructor is all worth while again. This class is very much into the manga-style of drawing, which is really all over the map - there's so many variations within the 'style'. It shouldn't really matter what style they're into - it all comes down to drawing, drawing and more drawing. We're always getting back to basics - basic shapes, proportion, design, expression, clarity, line quality...things I have to remind myself about in my own drawing.
Tuesday nights at NPCC are moving along. The above drawing is of Michaela - not a great likeness, but I liked the drawing (for a change). I find this stuff hard to do, but I can see from results in other areas of my drawing that it's good for me. So I keep going - even though some nights it feels like taking medicine.
This weekend was a killer weekend. I spent two full days baking for the Spring Simply Friends Craft Show, then getting everything ready on top of my classes & usual stuff. It was in Orangeville - an hour's drive. Ultimately I wore myself running the Tea Room, getting my crafts set up and all of that. It was a lot of work for very little profit and I am at the point of wondering if this particular show is worth it to me. Not to mention I was dead sick on Sunday, having worn myself out. Definitely not worth it. So Simply Friends might be minus one friend soon...


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