Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Breakfast Television at Sherway Gardens
We were cogent and on the highway by 5:45 yesterday morning. Television motivates like nothing else and the publicity department at Sherway had arranged for the Muskoka Garden Art artists to be interviewed by Jennifer Valentyne on Breakfast Television. How cool is that?
Rumours of another wildcat TTC strike had all of Toronto glued to their sets, so we couldn't ask for more attention...although if TTC HAD gone on strike, we would have been pre-empted - so t'was a good thing they didn't.
Several artists were featured: Jane Hoople with her surreal trees and landscapes, Charles Weiss with his Mermaid Lounge chair, Camille Muller, Karen Hanekop, Phil Sutherland (?), Marie Prospero, Carole Braiden, the inimitable Kathleen Haushalter (Organizer of the event) and Jennifer Valentyne who painted a 'Celebrity Chair'. I was there with Laura Bolender to promote Artsmartz, so she made a castle and I was doing paper pop-ups. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but the feedback so far has been positive and it was all in a good cause.


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