Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Buzz on Lakeshore
I'm a little tardy in reporting on our Opening Reception for Paul's Portrait Paintings last Friday. I've been waiting to gather in people's reactions and to digest the evening a bit before I commented. In a word - it was GREAT! We had about fifty people come through in the 2 1/2 hours we were there. I presided over the refreshments - right by the door so I could meet 'em & greet 'em, hand them a drink and direct them to the back of the store where Paul was holding court and raking in the compliments. The paintings worked very well in the store - the venue complementing the art and vice versa. The general reaction (especially that of many of our friends & neighbours) was one of surprise that the work was so good. This morning my neighbour brought over an article from the Mississauga News in which Paul's work was mentioned - though the MN never showed up & the article was written in retrospect. Ellen Timms, General Manager of the Port Credit BIA said she was 'blown away' by the paintings. And we received an unsolicited recommendation from a store-owner to make sure we didn't miss the art at Nostalgia Books because there was a 'buzz about it' on Friday night.
So I am very happy that Paul's show was such a success. And it was nice to see the paintings being displayed instead of stacked against the wall in our bedroom. Now we have to start scavenging for frames for the next show. One of our EAG colleagues said she always felt that unframed paintings had the look of not really being for sale. And they ARE for SALE!


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