Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Well - it was only a week and it wasn't really 'away' since I came home at the end of each day. But it felt further. Humber College offers writing workshops every summer & finally there was a time convenient for me to take one. So I spent a week learning the craft of writing for young readers. It was a humbling experience but it was time to find out if I have the talent (let's not talk about the fortitude) to write for the Children's Market. My mentor was Tim Wynne-Jones, whom we first came to know as the creator of the 'Zoom' books. He writes a lot of teen fiction (YA in the parlance). I had five classmates and we each had to bring a 'work in progress'. My work in progress has stalled due to brain overload at the moment, but certainly I LEARNED A LOT! Which is why I went...and to find out that I too can join the exalted ranks of those who write for children (and are PUBLISHED)...if only I would work at it.


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