Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cartooning by Immersion
My annual week of Cartooning Camp for Teens at Neilson Park was another success. A very quiet class this year - only two boys, but by the end of the week they were making up for lost time. One boy demonstrated his dubious talent of being able to stuff his ear into his ear-hole. We were shocked and awed. That of course led to a girl who could fold her eyelids back, the other boy making farting noises with his armpit and everyone falling from their chairs from laughing so hard. And the cartoons were pretty good too. When asked to draw a family pet, one girl drew a jar. No knock-out drawing talent, but some dynamite story-tellers and lots of sly humour. My kinda kids! And the drawing always gets better with practice. The above is my version of the ugliest man you can think of. The kids did a much better job on theirs of course.


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