Wednesday, January 17, 2007

it took a while, but I just have to assemble the cover, bind the book and give it to my Mother. And it's only three weeks late. I had fun with the felt and embroidery. It's been awhile since I played around with this stuff. What brought me the idea for this cover solution for my pop-up book is a bit of a convoluted path: I have a new gig (just started 2 weeks ago), teaching crafts at a Toronto Seniors' Centre. I've spent my two sessions there just doing inventory and they have a ton of felt. More than we can use in our collective lifetimes. Somebody must have got a deal on this stuff, or carte blanche on the credit card. I was asked to use up the supplies they have before I start buying new stuff. Fair enough. So I've been cruising the 'net looking for felt crafts and one thing led to another and to a bit of inspiration. I've had this stuff lying around for years. Glad to be able to finally put it to use.
Now I'm afraid my pop-up book is going to get all bent and torn (being a pop-up book), before I can get it to my Mom.


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