Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pop-Up Books and Other Fun Stuff
A couple of benchmarks to be celebrated - my venerable Mom turned 80 this January. All four siblings managed to put differences and distances aside and got together to take her out for a lovely meal (sans Dad - who isn't into restaurant dining...even for very special occasions). All the cousins congregated at the Homestead to babysit the little ones, so their parents could properly enjoy their 'Adult' evening. A good time was had by all and Mom was overwhelmed to the point of tears by all the fuss AND the presentation of a beautiful 'family' ring. I'd say it was a successful event and way more fun than Christmas (maybe something to do with not having to cook, nor do dishes??).
The second benchmark is a year doing this blog. Been intermittent, I know, and my biggest reader is the one for whom none of this is real news (my reading this honey?). I guess it's good to have it in writing.
Oh yeah, the pic above is from my soon-to-be-done-finally 'Mom's 80th Birthday Pop-up Book' (working title), I think I'll title the finished copy - 'The Book of Vi'. I'll include a few pages for your viewing pleasure.


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