Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A self-caricature. This is what I see some mornings in the mirror, though my family says it doesn't really look like me. We all have secrets.
A fulfilment of this year's resolution - day one of my new blog. I find myself tongue-tied and baffled after a night of dreaming of the great conversations I was going to have with everyone 'out there', bestowing my marvelous insight to all who visit. This is the beginning of my concession that there could be something to sitting in front of a glowing screen as opposed to doing all the stuff I usually do. Right now though, my learning curve is flatlining.
Not used to talking all about me...takes me back to that mainstay of primary grade projects "All About Me" complete with photo. Gotta figure out how to post mine.
Discussed here will be: reading, writing (poetry, comment, possibly fiction, etc.), the life-saving Waterfront Trail (on a bike), miscellaneous home & garden, and all the great stuff I find on my walks. Encapsulating the pageant.
So I end my inaugural post with this great quote that I found on a tree at Col. Sam Smith Park in Etobicoke: "It is entirely conceivable that life's splendour forever lies in wait about each one of us in all its fulness, but veiled from view, deep down, invisible, far off. It is there though, not hostile, not reluctant, not deaf. If you summon it by the right word, by its right name, it will come. This is the essence of magic, which does not create but summons.
Franz Kafka, Diaries 1921
It made my day.