Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't Mess With Her
The only way to get through this gloomy month is to celebrate birthdays. L's is today, but she's got classes, so maybe I'll drop off her homemade fudge at her house on my way to drawing. Mine is in a couple of weeks. I'll be doing a craft show. We're all going out for a nice dinner somewhere to take care of four celebrations. This is always a good idea. December brings lots of birthdays too. But they kind of get sidelined by Christmas. I think we should just skip Christmas this year and put more effort into the birthdays. Speaking of which - my venerable Mom turns 80 in January. Now that's something to celebrate. I think we should take her out for a nice dinner somewhere.
A quick segue - saw 'The Prairie Home Companion' the other night. Loved it. Favourite song? 'Lola's' version of Frankie and Johnnie. Must learn words...

Fab Five (!)
It's been over a month, but I finally got my Thank you card done for the St. John's Ambulance Gala. This pretty much says it all. Except for the Fab dessert table which we almost missed due to leaving early...fortunately A.'s eye was caught by the chocolate fountains in the anteroom & we were dragged forthwith. Can you say 'Diabetes'??

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Too Late
These were done last weekend, but I misplaced them & obviously posted too late for Hallowe'en. This was the first Hallowe'en since we moved here, 20 years ago on October 31st, that we haven't shelled out for the kids. Everyone was busy and we were worried about the dog getting freaked out by too many visitors. Pretty mild night - not nearly the crowds of kids we used to see out on the street. It feels like it didn't happen this year - other years we've gotten so into the spirit - homemade costumes, way too much candy, carving pumpkins - the works! Another holiday falls by the wayside.