Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shadowbox Flowers

It's been a while and what excuses can I give except to say I've been held in thrall by Spider Solitaire and we have 6 seasons of the X-files to get through...in other words - no excuses at all.
Happy New Year and all that - I'm dragging myself back to a working existence which may involve less Solitaire, but who can say? Classes start this week so a semblance of routine will ensue. I've involved myself in a Community Outreach project called the Gateway project. Six picnic tables, prepped and designs created for (by moi): Flora, Fauna, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Various local 'groups' have been asked to paint them. They get to bond over the painting, their group name on the table, the pleasure of being involved in the project and a chance to beautify Neilson Park, which the tables will grace when done. We will then see if the local mischief makers will take ownership of the lovely tables, or vandalise them and throw them down the hill.
Meanwhile, I'm working on some art pieces intended for up-coming members' shows at Neilson Park. Using techniques that created the piece here, but with the theme of "Opposites Attract". Will get a posting of "Mandelbrot Unplugged" (working title) whenever.
New Year's Resolution? Post more often than every 6 months. Cheers!