Monday, September 14, 2015

Desert Fantasia

A new popup piece experimenting with colour and form. I begin with my background and let that inform my next move. The papers are hand-painted - I'm getting quite a collection as new ideas present themselves, but you can never have too many. The fun/hard part is divining which unique piece is going to work the best. Sometimes it's inspired, but mostly it's good old hard work - putting pieces together, then waiting for a bit to see if it's working, tearing them apart, then trying something else. Occasionally I get a piece that far exceeds my vision. That's when life is good.
This picture has been photoshopped - these popups lend themselves nicely to certain photoshop processes which I find clarify the three-dimensional aspect of the work.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Tower Pop-Up
Two views of a recent Pop-Up construction - nested hexagonal towers. I tried painting them after construction, which lent an interesting wabi-sabi vibe to the piece - hooking them on to the entropy I've been experiencing in my work.