Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fang Jr.
Hmm, seem to be going through a thing about monsters at the moment. It was a simple idea and I was pressed for time (see previous entry). Behold this year's entry for the Sherway Garden Art Auction.
Papier Mache Monster
I'm inherently lazy and used the scanner for this very 3-D piece instead of digging out the camera, etc, etc... The scanner tends to flatten things out and actually makes this guy look a little more creepy than he does in 'real life'. Which is okay, I guess. It's a demo piece made for one of my classes. I always intend to keep them on hand for the next time I do this kind of project, but end up taking the projects in different directions, making the piece redundant. I have a basement full of defunct projects. Not good enough for the gallery, but I don't want to toss them either. I think, for myself, all my little creative 'a-musings' become too precious - it would better that one didn't become so attached to one's outpourings.
The Monster is now taped to the wall by the window, creating some nice lighting effects on his textured face.
An update on life at Eaglewood: May was busy-busy from beginning to end. It started with a four-day trip to Lennoxville, QC to participate in the Eastern Townships Language Arts Festival. This time I was a guest artist, as well as Paul. We both ran Cartooning workshops with various classes, me at St.Francis School and Paul at a private school. Very satisfactory interlude and a nice change from the usual.
The Sherway Gardens Muskoka Chair Silent Auction is once again underway & we were both asked to paint chairs (our fourth year for this).
Various art classes are still running, soon to be wrapped up for the season and there's a rash of weekend Birthday party workshops coming up in June at Neilson Park Creative Centre.
I quit my teaching gig at Symes 55+, but not until after I had done a 2-day craft show & sale at the North American Centre at Yonge & Finch. Loved the people, but the job was becoming too much work for too little recompense and not a direction I wanted to go. So I'm looking forward to a summer of personal projects and hope to keep you posted.